Keikyu Group Integrated Management Plan

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1. Management Plan System

2. Group Philosophy

Business Principle(excerpt)

Keikyu Group contributes to the development of society by creating new value through businesses that support urban lifestyles

3. Long-Term Vision and Long-Term Management Strategy

Long-Term Vision (The future of FY2035 as envisioned by Keikyu Group)

Position Shinagawa, Haneda, and Yokohama, which connect all of Japan and the world and are the driving force of Japan's development, as a growth triangle zone, and realize in the districts along Keikyu Railway lines a rich and varied area which supports the livelihood and exchange of many people in Japan and overseas while developing sustainably.

Long-Term Management Strategy

4. Medium-Term Management Plan(FY2021-FY2023)

In order to respond promptly to the dramatic changes in the business environment due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Medium-Term Management Plan focuses on "Strengthening the management base through business structural reform for sustainable development of the Keikyu Group"and "Reform the business portfolio based on concentration and focus starting with strengthening real estate business". We will also promote"Initiatives Linked to Long-Term Management Strategy".

Strengthening the management base through business structural reform for sustainable development of the Keikyu Group

Changes in the business environment, such as changes in lifestyle after the COVID-19 outbreak has been contained are expected to continue to significantly impact the Keikyu Group's business. To respond to these issues, we will strengthen the management base through business structural reform.

Shift to low-cost operations in the railway, bus and hotel businesses

It is necessary to engage in low-cost operations in all businesses, but in particular, due to the business structure, we will focus on thoroughly implementing low-cost operations in the railway, bus, and hotel businesses, where profits have been hurt more by the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Downsizing indirect departments throughout the Keikyu Group

Enhance operational efficiency through systemization and appropriate staffing throughout the group through structural reforms, etc.

Ensure financial soundness by distinguishing investments and effectively utilizing asset holdings, etc.

Ensure financial soundness by distinguishing investments in preparation for large-scale development projects such as the project for the area around Shinagawa Station.

Reform the business portfolio based on concentration and focus starting with strengthening real estate business

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, issues in the railway business-dependent portfolio have become apparent. Urgent need to reform the business portfolio that makes real estate the second pillar of profit, so we will promote further growth in the real estate business.

Promote the strengthening of real estate business by reorganizing asset holdings

By realigning assets, including the securitization of real estate, we will promote further growth in the real estate business and improve profitability.Regarding development projects in the area around Shinagawa Station, which will provide a future earnings base, we also will consider various means and promote to stably develop it, taking financial soundness into consideration.

Revise profit structure by concentrating management resources on businesses that should be tackled

In order to respond to drastic changes in the business environment, we will thoroughly reallocate "people," "things," and "money" and reduce costs, concentrate management resources on growth businesses, and aim for an early recovery of "revenue" and "profit".

Initiatives Linked to Long-Term Management Strategy

Initiatives for using the growth triangle zone in Shinagawa, Haneda and Yokohama as the driving force to revitalize areas along railway lines

The medium- to long-term growth potential of Shinagawa, Haneda, and Yokohama remains unchanged, and we will focus on them as our key bases, but will be ready to respond flexibly to changing conditions.

Promote construction of Miura Urban Resort in line with changes in housing and leisure values in the suburbs

Strengthen area management activities in Miura with the aim of developing a communication hub connecting the government, companies, universities, and the local community, helping to solve issues and increase value on the Miura Peninsula.

Strive to improve customer satisfaction to cement the Keikyu Group as the choice for customers

Promote initiatives that are close to customers through customer satisfaction surveys and other means. And Strive to be a corporate group actively chosen by customers in all businesses and operations.

Stringent risk management to avoid and minimize risks that could significantly impact operations, and to minimize risks that have materialized

Establish a risk management system that can perceive, analyze, and manage potential risks that could have a significant impact on operations, avoid or minimize risks in advance, or minimize the impact of risks that materialize.

Thorough ESG management through business to improve local communities and corporate value

Based on the CSR policy, we will promote ESG management throughout the Group to achieve the ESG KPIs laid out in our "Corporate Sustainability Strategy," which is a key theme of our long-term management strategy. By doing this we aim to improve regional value and maximize corporate value through our business.

5. Target Indicator Levels(FY2023)

・Operating profit

23.0 billion yen

・Net interest-bearing debt/EBITDA ratio

8 times or less

6. Keikyuism-The ideal human resource for Keikyu Group-

"Keikyuism" is a human resource vision set as a goal to be aimed at by all employees, while accurately recognizing the strengths that the Keikyu Group has cultivated so far, and a value that all employees should understand and share for further development.

Especially in the promotion of the Medium-Term Management Plan, in order to respond promptly to the dramatic change in the business environment, we will strive to become a group of people united in working together to tackle new possibilities and to create new value, with "challenge" as a priority keyword and with a strong focus on customer oriented services.

In order to achieve Keikyuism, we are promoting the development of the "5 Qualities" as a group-wide human resource development policy.