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On Using this Investor Relations Information Page

1. Purpose of Use and Disclaimer of Guarantee

The investor relations information posted on this website is intended to provide information as a reference for investment decisions, and it does not constitute any assertion or guarantee regarding the content. In addition, the posting of information on this website is not intended as a solicitation for investment. Please make your final decisions on investment at your own discretion.

2. Posted Information

  1. (1)Changes and Deletions
    There may be cases where not all information that has been disclosed to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, etc. by Keikyu Corporation in line with the rules for timely disclosure has been posted on this website, there may also be cases when expressions on the website are different from those used in the information that has been disclosed, and the content might be changed or deleted without notice.
  2. (2)Disclaimer of Liability
    Although Keikyu Corporation takes meticulous care regarding the content that is posted on this website, neither Keikyu Corporation nor the information providers assumes any responsibility in the event that a mistake occurs in the posted information or if damages are incurred from information provided by this website. In addition, Keikyu Corporation does not assume any responsibility for whatever reason for any damages, etc. caused by the falsification of data by a third party or by data download, etc.

3. Forward-Looking Statements

The information presented in the current plans, strategies, etc. of Keikyu Corporation, unless it is statements of historical fact, are forward-looking statements relating to future operating results, etc. that are subject to risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, actual results, etc. could potentially be significantly different from these forward-looking statements due to a range of factors, and Keikyu Corporation provides no guarantee regarding the accuracy of such statements.

4. Links to Other Websites

Keikyu Corporation in no way recommends or guarantees information posted on other websites that this website provides links to.

5. Operation of this Website

The content on this website may be changed or taken down without notice. Keikyu Corporation assumes no responsibility whatever for any damage that arises in relation to circumstances of the communication environment or a user's computer, nor will Keikyu Corporation be liable for any related repair costs.