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Thank you very much for your understanding and support for the business activities of Keikyu Corporation and Keikyu Group.

At present, Keikyu Group is endeavoring to transform its business structures and business portfolio in order to respond to significant changes in the business environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The environment surrounding us is becoming more and more serious, amid increasing uncertainty.

We need to strongly promote our initiatives for further transformation, and for that purpose, we will continue steady efforts for changing our corporate culture, which serves as the basis for our initiatives.

Our long-term vision is to define the zone covering Shinagawa, Haneda and Yokohama, which is connected to the whole nation and the whole world and serves as the driving force for the development of Japan, as the Triangle of Growth and create affluent and sustainably growing areas along our train lines, while supporting the lives and interactions of many people in and outside Japan. In order to achieve the long-term vision, Keikyu Group positions "traveling" centered on the railway business and "creation of towns" to solve regional problems and improve value as two business platforms and will endeavor to create a framework to achieve sustainable growth together with local communities.

We are aiming to be a corporate group that is always cherished by our customers, shareholders, and local people throughout the with-COVID and post-COVID eras. We appreciate your continued support.

April 2023

Yukihiro Kawamata

Yukihiro Kawamata
Keikyu Corporation