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Approach to Sustainability

In April 2022, the Keikyu Group formulated the Basic Sustainability Policy. We believe that consistent realization of the Group Philosophy will enhance our sustainability as well as that of society. The aforementioned policy, therefore, is inseparable from the Group Philosophy. Further, we will actively address sustainability issues through the further development of our sustainability advancement system.
As they are embedded in local communities and support and enrich day-to-day life, the Group’s businesses readily align with the concept of ESG-driven management. With this in mind, we will develop ESG-driven management even further. To guide these efforts, we have established the Corporate Sustainability Strategy as one of the long-term management strategies of the Keikyu Group Integrated Management Plan.

Group Philosophy (Business Principles)

The Keikyu Group will contribute to the development of society by creating new value through businesses that support urban lifestyles.
The Keikyu Group will rapidly advance its operations by utilizing its collective strength to pursue tradition-based innovation.
The Keikyu Group will align its prosperity with the happiness of everyone.

Basic Sustainability Policy

In accordance with the Group Philosophy, we are aiming to create a better cycle of contributing to the sustainable growth of society and the sustainable growth of the Keikyu Group.


  • We will create sustainable urban lifestyles that benefit people, society, and the earth.
  • We will realize a corporate group in which diverse personnel play active roles.
  • We will appropriately cooperate with all our stakeholders and continuously strengthen corporate governance.

Establishment of a Sustainability Advancement System

The Group will pursue sustainability measures as a matter of management strategy. Chaired by the office manager of Management Strategy Department, the Sustainability Committee examines management plans and discusses various sustainability-related issues. After coordinating with the Risk Management Committee, the Sustainability Committee submits reports and recommendations to the Board of Directors. In this way, the Board is able to appropriately manage and supervise sustainability-related matters.

Sustainability Advancement System

Keikyu Group Integrated Report

We issue Keikyu Group Integrated Report to provide shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders with a broad understanding of initiatives to create economic and social value through ESG-driven management, aimed at realizing the Group’s Long-Term Vision for fiscal 2035.

Value Creation Model