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Communication with employees

The Keikyu Group promotes initiatives to create a workplace where diverse people can actively participate in fulfilling jobs, and work safely while maintaining physical and mental health.

"Keikyuism" Human Resource Vision

The Keikyu Group has established "Keikyuism" as a set of values that all employees should understand and share, and as an ambitious goal that we will continue to pursue for further development, while correctly recognizing the strengths that we have cultivated.

Active promotion of female employees

In March 2021, pursuant to the Act on the Promotion of Female Participation and Career Advancement in the Workplace, we formulated our second plan of action for general employers. With the aim of enabling women to play more important roles in our organization, we analyzed the progress in empowering women in our businesses and then established measures to address issues. In all workplaces, we will establish a corporate culture where, regardless of gender, employees can demonstrate their individuality and strengths and support each other, and create a workplace environment in which all employees feel more comfortable working.
As part of our efforts to advance the roles of women, we hold information exchange meetings related to work-life balance for junior female employees to improve their work-life balance and familiarize them with internal systems.

Personnel data

Item FY2020 FY2019 FY2018
1. Total number of employees at the management level 212 204 211
2. Number of female employees at the management level 13 9 9
3. Ratio of female employees at the management level 6.10% 4.40% 4.30%
4. Total number of directors 12 13 15
5. Number of female directors 2 1 1
6. Ratio of female directors 16.70% 7.70% 6.70%
7. Total number of employees 2,859 2,815 2,793
8. Ratio of female employees across all employees 8.10% 8.00% 7.70%
9. Total number of newly hired employees 168 137 118
10. Number of female employees among new hires 23 20 23
11. Ratio of female employees among new hires 13.70% 14.60% 19.50%
12. Average length of service of female employees 8years 8months 8years 6months 7years 9months
13. Average length of service of male employees 17years 2months 17years 0months 16years 10months
14. Difference in average length of service of female and male employees (%) -49.50% -50.00% -54.00%
15. Data subject As of March 31, 2021 As of March 31, 2020 As of March 31, 2019

Rehiring system

Keikyu Corporation introduced a rehiring system for retired employees in 2001, and rehire as senior staff our employees who have reached statutory retirement age.

Employment of persons with disabilities

Keikyu Corporation promotes the expansion of hiring and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.