For shareholder and investors

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Communication with all shareholders and investors

The Keikyu Group endeavors to realize highly transparent management by timely and appropriate information disclosure as well as proactive IR activities.

Information disclosure

The Keikyu Group discloses important information in a timely and appropriate manner, in accordance with laws and regulations.
In addition, we disclose information to shareholders and investors on the IR page of our website, including monthly performance results, financial statements, securities reports, fact sheets, as well as the materials and videos used in the general meetings of shareholders and corporate briefings for investors.

General meeting of shareholders

Annual general meeting of shareholders

Attended by around 700 shareholders each year, we report on our business over the past year in an easy-to-understand manner using videos and narration. In addition, we open up the meeting to the floor through the holding of a Q&A session. In order to facilitate smooth exercise of voting rights, we publish convocation notices on our website at an early stage, prior to sending physical copies.

Corporate briefings for investors

Corporate briefings for institutional investors

The Keikyu Group regularly holds briefings for institutional and individual investors to enable them to have a better understanding of our management policies and growth strategy, as well as our stock information and shareholder benefit program, etc., and to provide information for investment decisions.