Management Plan

Keikyu Group has developed and reinforced Group management, particularly in areas along Keikyu Railway lines, and maximized the value of areas along railway lines and corporate value in line with the Group Philosophy “to contribute to the development of society by creating new value through businesses that support urban lifestyles.”

Keikyu Group has established a twenty-year Keikyu Group Integrated Management Plan anticipating the development in the area around Shinagawa Station, the Group’s most ambitious project, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and raising medium- and long-term corporate value.

This plan designates FY2035 as the target year and revises the Group’s Long-Term Vision and Long-Term Management Strategy. In addition, a Medium-Term Management Plan (FY2016-2020) has been established as the first step in achieving the Long-Term Vision.

Keikyu Groups Integrated Management Plan

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