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Keikyu Corporation is one of the 16 major private railways in Japan. Serving as a link between central Tokyo and the southern metropolitan area, Keikyu plays a vital role in Tokyo's public transportation system. Since its foundation in 1898, centering on the mainstay rail and bus transportation businesses, Keikyu and its Group companies have expanded their operations to include real estate, hotels, leisure services, and retailing, and are working to achieve prosperity far into the future.

Linking Shinagawa, which is expected to flourish as Tokyo's gateway, with Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), and Kawasaki, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Zushi, and the Miura district in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Keikyu's railway network stretching 87.0 km serves an average of 2.63 million number of passengers per day.

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