Keikyu at a Glance

The Group, consisting of Keikyu Corporation and 59 companies, is engaged in a wide range of businesses.

As of March 31, 2018, the aggregate paid-in capital of the 60 Group companies amounted to ¥43,739 million and the total number of employees was 8,891. Consolidated operating revenues for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018, amounted to around ¥315,685 million.


The Transportation Business comprises 14 companies and operates 5 railway lines totaling 87 km in paid distance and serving 2.63 million number of passengers per day, scheduled and chartered bus services, and taxi services.

Real Estate

The Real Estate Business comprises 6 companies engaged in development and sale of housing lots, construction and sale of built-for-sale housing, sale of condominiums, development and leasing of office buildings and research facilities, and real estate brokerage.

Leisure Services

The Tourism and Leisure Business comprises 19 companies engaged in operation of hotels, operation of leisure facilities such as aquariums and golf courses, operation of restaurants, coffee shops and fast-food services, operation of boat racing facilities, and including advertising agencies.


The Distribution Business comprises 11 companies operating a department store, supermarkets and shopping centers located primarily along the Keikyu Railway lines, and kiosks at stations.


Other Businesses comprise 16 companies engaged in diverse business fields, including construction, civil engineering, electrical equipment, the maintenance, repair, and upgrading of trains and automobiles, building management, driving schools, information processing, and nursing care and child care services.

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